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Savoir vivre from Basel with your top-model. Basel has often been the site of peace negotiations and other international conventions, for that reason we believe Basel is the perfect location for arranging a peaceful and sexy date. The Treaty of Basel (1499) ended the Swabian War. Two years later Basel was integrated in the Confederation. The treaty of Peace between Spain, Prussia and France ended in 1795 the first coalition against France during the French Revolutionary Wars. In recent times, the World Zionist Organization had its first Congress in Basel organized on September 3, 1897. Because of the Balkan wars, the "International Ouvrière" led an extraordinary congress in Basel in the 1912th. The city is conveniently situated between France, Germany and Switzerland, thus our escort ladies in Basel are relatively quickly on the spot, be it for hotel or home visit.

Basel City Aerial Photo
Basel Bridge
Basel City by Night
Basel Architecture
Basel city daytime.

An annual trade fair takes place in Basel Klein on the right bank of the Rhine. Other notable fairs are the "Baselworld" (Watches and jewelry), Art Basel, Orbit and Cultura.
Our High Class escort ladies will be glad to keep you company there.
The Swiss chemical industry is widespread in Basel, as well as a large part of the drugs companies. Syngenta, Novartis, Ciba Chemicals, Clariant, Hoffmann-La Roche, Basilea Pharmaceutica and Actelion established their headquarters there. Specialty chemicals and Pharmaceuticals have both proven to consitute the modern focus of industrial production in the city. Numerous luxury pharmacies allow our escort models to shop there for beauty creams and make-up.

The banking business is also very present in Basel. UBS AG operates central offices in the city; the Bank for International Settlements (BIS, the central banker's bank) has there its headquarters. The BIS is It is jointly managed by a Board composed of the elite central bankers of 11 different countries (USA, UK, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden).

According to the BIS, the choice of Switzerland as head office of the BIS was a compromise reached by the fouding countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Since consensus was not reached between London, Brussels or Amsterdam, the choice fell on Switzerland. As an independent, neutral country, Switzerland offered the BIS protection against unfair influence from one of the larger countries. Within Switzerland itself, Basel was chosen mainly because of its central location. With excellent rail connections, which was particularly important at a time, Basel offered clear logistical advantages. This central city will be best be discovered in the company of one of our unique escort models.

Basel connects the borders between Switzerland, France, Germany and for that reason, the city is very international, and the airport "Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Euro Airport" is a major local and international hub for European cities, and was elected as a hub by Easyjet. A very special aspect of this airport is the division of the Swiss and French terminal, so that a border crossing within the airport itself possible!

For preparing your trip to Basel in company of one of our luxury escort companions, one must get used to the most popular locations in the city. Basel has only a handful of luxury hotels. The most renowned is the "Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois", one of Europe's oldest guesthouses. The style is definitely Renaissance, and the hotel provides a fully fledged 5 stars Service. The castle-like dwelling has 101 rooms, tastefully decorated. The high ceilings provide a very special world class experience. Make every day unique there with your luxury Date!
Conveniently located on the Rheim directly by the Altstadt (Old Town), the Castle is the ideal place for the perfect escort date. If exhausted after work, there is no need to leave the house, all facilities are available on-site, including a true 5 Stars bar with table service.

Visiting Basel center with a top class and educated Call-Girl.

Sexy and educated luxury call girls are waiting for you in the heart of Basel. Enjoy erotic passion in a totally private and discreet atmosphere and let our luxury escort ladies satisfy all your senses. A booking is quick and easy.

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A trip to Basel could not be any better, as in the company of one of our elite models. We personally interview each of them, and choose only those muses with extraordinary aura, education and erotic features. Enjoy a very private and discreet escort date on your own terms, in full discretion, with charming and seductive ladies. Our girls beauty and class will leave you breathless and begging for more. Just browse through our catalog and jump to their personal websites, to discover their individual bodies and personalities.

Our Escort Agency "Luxury Escort" offers a unique, honest and rewarding marketing concept for our ladies. Unlike other escort agencies, we do not charge our models any commission.
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Your perfect Escort date in Basel

Your tastefully sought after date will begin with a cocktail at a chosen renowned bar; this will relax both your escort model and yourself, and enable you two to slowly become both comfortable with one another and even perhaps flirty. This will be followed by short walk in the historical old city center. Thereafter you will enjoy a romantic dinner in a known but discreet restaurant, uniting the optimal ingredients for the upcoming passionate time in your 5 Star hotel.

18h: Aperitif at the "Salon du Cigar".

Conveniently located in the premisses of the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, the bar is smokers friendly. Owing to the strict anti-smoke regulations in the Basel Canton, guest will have to pick up their orders at the Bar itself, after ordering on the Ipad present on every table. The luxury smoking bar impresses with a delicately house-cocktail list, where our papillas fell for the „Grüner Berliner“, a refreshing elaborate mixture which will undoubtedly raise the heat given the company of one our charming models.

The bar offers a sophisticated yet plush atmosphere, a perfect location to start a hot date with one of our muses.

Your next destination is a mere 6min walks away. When leaving “Les Trois Rois”, take the Blumenrain upstream of the Rhein river, and follow this walking map. This short promenade taking you through the Old town will present an ideal setting for a first kiss with your exclusive escort. The walking route is mostly pedestrian paved, and will take you before the town hall, as well as a number of historical monument, such as one of the eldest churches in Switzerland: Basel Minster.

19:30: Dinner at Schlusselzunft.

Located in a pedestrian area, the restaurant offers a resolutely European Cuisine, with a sligh accent on Swiss and German dishes. Edified in a Historical building, this venue will provide for a very typical evening dinner in Basel, as the trendy locals like it. Our dish recommendation will be the “Swiss Gourmet Grand Cru”, a local exclusivity for 2 which takes 40min preparation time an ideal moment to start a flirty conversation with your sexy muse. Why not pick a glass of wine from the generous wine list to stimulate your appetite?

Your last stop before more intimate moment with your escort model will be the “Bar Rouge”, Messeplatz 10, 4058 Basel, which will best be reached by taxi.

22:30: Drinks at the Bar Rouge, over the roofs of Basel

Resolutely modern, the Bar Rouge, culminating at 105m on top of the trade fair tower, the bar offer unprecedented view across Basel, and is located a few minutes walk only from the central station. The bar still presents a cosy setting, depending on affluence, and will definitely set the tone of the yet to come heated night with your favorite muse. Offering a variety of cocktails, the late opening times (1am weekdays, 4am Weekends) will perfectly suit your Date and lay the path leading to further passion.
The Bar Rouge is smokers friendly and features a smoking room.

00:00: At last a profusion of emotions.

Time to move on to your hotel and enjoy more intimate and passionate time with a muse of your choice. Our best Hotel recommendation for Basel is the “Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois”, presented earlier on in this guide. A second choice, also 5 Starred, is the “Swiss Hotel”, slightly lower prices, but mostly not as unique.