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Escort Bern | Exceptional Model escort in Bern | When the sun sets in Bern

A unique intimate experience in the capital Bern with a luxury escort muse will make you breathless throughout the night. As varied as the Bern region and its inhabitants is also the nightlife in Bern, where you will find exotic entertainment for every need and taste. Experience this one-off luxury erotic experience with one of our escort models in Bern. Fancy daring lingerie? So do our exclusive call girls...

Bern Luft Blick
Bern Innenstadt
Bern Stadt bei Nacht
Bern Fluss Seite
Bern Innenstadt bei Nacht

Behind historical sandstone buildings there is plenty to discover - The Swiss capital Bern impresses with a variety of offers for night owls and partygoers alike. Perhaps the starting spot for an enjoyable evening in Bern would be one of the many bars and pubs in the traditional and exceptionally well preserved old town. The most popular nightlife areas in the Altstadt include the Red, Green, White and Black districts. Hidden behind old facades lies a contemporary spirit and creative flair.
Had you wished you impressed your elegant companion with the local heritage? A visit of the Art Museum in the Holderenstrasse, the Paul Klee Centre or one of the many galeries in the historical centre is highly recommended. The club scene starts every friday and saturdays at 23:00 at “Bonsoir” in the Aarbergergasse. Artists, musicians and DJs from around the world cater for a guaranteed good mood. “Séparé” lounges are available to those wishing for more intimacy. Bern is a city of many opportunities: invite your luxury escort for a round of luck in a glamurous setting: The Grand Casino Bern. Open 365 days a year (tables from 14:00), and accessible for a mere CHF 10, with a complimentary drink.

Worthy of its international reputation, Bern definitely has a very vibrant nightlife. The mighty Metropole with its medieval style overachieves to preserve its original character and special features, and should at all cost be enjoyed in the sweet company of your high class model escort.

Our High Class Escort Agency In the heart of Bern offers the most beautiful Call Girls in Switzerland. Open-minded and educated, sophisticated and sexy. Luxus escort is established as a reference of the Swiss nightlife in the area of erotic entertainment. Thanks to our renowned reputation we are proud to offer you the best escort service in Switzerland, as confirmed by our demanding regular customers.

Discover the inner Bern, Biel, Bienne, Thun, Koenitz or Fribourg with ravishing and educated Call Girls Á Model Escorts.

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, has an amazing old city centre with medieval buildings and ravishing cobbled streets. A romantic walk in the old town of Bern is very very enjoyable, where refreshing fountains and clock towers alike pleasantly surprise your cheerful escort lady. Local city landmarks worth a visit in Bern are the Gothic Cathedral, the thirteenth century clock tower and the Aare.
Although not known for its nightlife, the well advised tourist will happily enjoy a few very lively nightclubs! Our Berner elite escorts are generally well informed of current events and will happily inform. For refined intimate hours we recommend the Bellevue Bar on Kochergasse 3-5, which makes for a very quiet and luxurious atmosphere.
The surroundings of ​​Bern and Biel, Thun, Könitz or even Freiburg have also much to offer, with a wonderful countryside where life can be relaxed and appeasing, far away from stress. Luxus Escort promises an erotic and luxury escort service around the clock, unforgettable und delightful moments with upper class call girls featuring exceptional interpersonal qualities, education and sexy but classy attires.