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Tour The Culturally Vibrant City of Zurich With Luxus Escorts Zurich

High Profile Luxury Zurich Escorts to Experiencing the brighter Side of City

Zurich is the epitome of Swiss culture. The city plays a leading role as artistically future-oriented city, part of his fame and cultural development came from the numerous painters, composers and writers of Switzerland and abroad who have stayed there and left their mark: Felix Salten, Hermann Hesse, James Joyce, Thomas Mann, Thornton Wilder and others. Max Frisch, Johann Heinrich Füssli, Gottfried Keller, among others, were born there.
DO not delay, and book a unique experience matching a unique city with a classy and elegant model of your choice...

This cultural and artistic national wealth in Zurich is a major tourist attraction. The city is home of the Swiss National Museum (Swiss National Museum), depicting the history of the country since prehistoric times (household items, religious art, paintings, weapons, costumes, prints, jewelry, etc.) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Art House Zurich) brings an important collection of works by Edvard Munch, Alberto Giacometti and many other modern and contemporary Artists. With that of Basel, the museum, the largest of the country, is probably a milestone of the Swiss assets and their diversity. We would highly recommend a visit there, in the company of your high class callgirl.
Every single one of our luxury muses, student or model, know the city very well, and will gladly lead you through a guided city-tour.

Compared to other cities, there are very few high rise buildings in Zurich. The planning permission regulations limit the construction of high-rise buildings to the west and north of the city. In the industrial district, in Altstetten and Oerlikon, buildings up to 80 m in height are allowed. In the adjacent districts II and III the height is limited to 40m. Back in 2000, regulations became more flexible and high-rise buildings were again planned and built. The people's initiative "40 meters is enough" vastly opposed this regulation and it became clear, on 29 November 2009, that the trend was changing, paving the way for more creative and modern architecture. By that time in Zurich about a dozen high-rise buildings were under construction or in planning, including the Prime Tower as the highest skyscraper in Switzerland.
The Prime Tower is home to one of the most remarquable restaurants in the city: "Cloud".
A romantic evening date there with your Escort model is highly suggested.

Luxus Escorts Zurich are Available for turning Your Night & Days into Romance

Zurich, an effective capital in the heart of Europe, is the most important cultural and social center of Switzerland, which offers its residents a unique quality of life. With its enviable location on Lake Zurich, the multiple recreational opportunities, and urban diversity is Zurich city a magnet for visitors. Switzerland connoisseurs claim the lively Zurich Nightlife has as much if not more to offer than any other european capital. The trendy bars and the iconic club scene are popular with locals and tourists alike.

Night riders will love the former industrial Zurich-West, which has blossomed into a true party area. For classical music amateurs, we recommend a visit to the renowned opera house in Zurich with your chosen escort date, which regularly features the most know artists on earth. Zurich has the highest density of Clubs across the country. Both popular (Purpur) and select night clubs (Jade, Diagonal) opens opportunities to everyone. Here party and Culture melt into an optimal connection, which makes Zurich a city of infinite possibilities.

Luxus Zurich Escorts Agency for High Class Escort Services in Zurich

Luxus Escorts should be understood as not only a luxury escort directory, whereby our ladies represent a very limited and exclusive selection from not only the best looking models around Zurich, but also the upper class range of those who really strive to achieve and satisfy our most demanding clients.
Each lady is individually interviewed, and must demonstrate ultimate features distinguishing her from her peers, before we decide to represent her on our 5 stars directory. Every model must have her personal website, and represent herself in a way that does not alter our reputation.
At our discretion, we may arrange bookings on behalf of models, should they be unable to answer the phone. In this respect we do not charge commissions, but a fixed fee for an arranged booking.

In this respect we believe we are able to offer a honest business model to our High Class ladies, and can concentrate on the core values of our business:

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Uninhibited Zurich Escorts to Conquer the World of Your Fantasies – Turns into Reality

Enjoy a unique experience with one of our muses in Zürich, discover the Zürich Lake onboard one of the numerous Dinner Cruises on offer, and let yourself seduce by incredible feminity and class at the luxury bar of “Baur-Au-Lac”, then prepare for THE adventurous night of a lifetime. Our models have unmatched seductive talents and will use them at your demand, but for your utmost pleasure.

If you prefer a more romantic experience, arrange your date in advance, and book a full weekend, this gives you more time to get to know your Luxury date, and introduces a zest of love in its whole beauty. Our Hotel recommendation for a weekend booking will undoubtedly be the Dolder Grand, where you will enjoy almost total privacy, with grandiose architecture, several high class bars, a wonderful restaurant yet a sense of exclusivity.

Having booked in advance your very special escort date, you can at least be sure she will be well prepared for your very personal taste. Indeed you are free to request any special wished concerning outfits, special intimate wishes or even playful toys.
You enjoy sexy suspenders with matching stockings? Our muses always wear desirable and sexy underwears from world class designers and usually bring with them at least an extra matching set.
Are you a corset amateur, or high heels fanatic? Your wishes shall be fulfilled. We leave no room to chance, and your Zürich escort will do “almost” anything to please her Gentleman.
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Exquisite Date in the Canton of Zurich With a Luxus Escort Zurich

Zurich is a city of Superlatives, be it for prices, as well as its exceptional venues, and very international. From Asian to South america, through European Cuisine, there really is a subtle and rich choice of restaurants to chose from. This well tried and tested Dinner Date will take you to the depth of Asia, let you enjoy exotic cocktails at a renowned trendy bar, and propose a selection of discrete and romantic hotels in the World-Class city of Zürich.

18.00: Pre-dinner drinks with a sense of Superlatives at Clouds.

A trip to Zurich should most definitely include “Clouds” as a must-see location. The Bar is located at the 35th floor of the Prime Tower near Hardbrücke Train Station.
This recently erected building is the highest in Switzerland, and offers an exceptional view over the whole city. Best enjoyed at Sunset when Zurich city starts to light up. You are guaranteed to surprise your Zurich Escort with this original location.
The Bellini is a very popular drink in Zurich, and Clouds serves a highly commendable version of it, served in an iconic glass. If you are enough lucky to secure a window facing the lakeside, you will enjoy an immaculate view overlooking the city centre with the Zurichsee in the Background. Hence the need to pick the right time for this aperitif, best enjoyed with your classy escort at Sunset times.
“The Clouds” is smokers friendly, and features an enclosed and well ventilated fumoir. Indeed one would not want to get down 35 floors and back up to enjoy a puff...

19.30: A taste of Asia at Ginger.

Ginger is a classical sushi factory also offering a classical sit-in area.
The principle is nothing new, however the well chosen location, proximity to Bellevue, somewhat unique ambiance as well as original dishes makes this place our favorite Asian restaurant in Zurich. The conveyor belt rolls right before guests and the dimmed lights makes this a venue of choice for you and your chosen exclusive escort.
Reservations are highly recommended as the place is usually full at the usual dining time. Ginger is located only a few minutes walk away from Bellevue, making it a convenient access. Your next stop is located Walking distance from Limmatplatz, and will take you to the heart of the Industrie district, an upcoming and very trendy part of Zurich. Easily reached from Bellevue with Trams number 4 or 13, the bar is then a 5 minutes walk away.

21.00: Cosy Drinks at Josef.

Josef is quite an amazing bar, very well and professionally operated by a barman of the same name: “Josef”. Minutes away from the Red Light district (Langstrasse), this bar focuses on Gins, and offers a wide variety of the best vintages on records worldwide. Obviously the cocktail list is revolves around Gins. The wooden bar is very long, and Josef’s skills at making cocktails is well worth a stop. This guy really just doesn’t seem to stop!
On Saturdays a DJ will play beats and some the usually quiet bar turns into a dancing floor. The place is not really well advertised, and your elegant escort model will be impressed by the location.
Blankets are available for smokers who despite the cold, still want to enjoy a cigarette outside.

00.00: Bedtime moments of Intimacy with your glamorous Escort Girl.

Zürich has an impressive number of Hotels, however most of them are Business oriented and do not have a cosy sense of individual service. If you want to impress your Escort Model with an original location, consider the following options, away from the mainstream:

Hotel Rössli:

This very individually fitted boutique hotel located in a narrow pedestrian path joining Bellevue to the Old town should be a first choice despite its small size. The Hotel is very tastefully decorated, and the tiling in each bathroom is different, from colourful Art Deco to Sober cream, each room has its own specific feature. Furthermore a few of the rooms give way to a rooftop view over the roofs of Zürich. For last relaxing drinks with your chosen escort, the hotel has a direct access to the ground floor Bar, itself worth a visit in itself.

Hotel Uto Kulm:

On the Top of the renowned Uetliberg, not well marketed but offering a unique view yet very affordable, the hotel culminate on Top of Zurich and even benefits its local climate owing to the 800m high hill on which it is perched.
The hotel can be reached by taxi or S-Train 10 from the central station (Direction Uetliberg). Your escort model will thank you for picking that unique location offering romantic rooms, far from the battered paths.
An “A la carte” restaurant is available also serving several flavors of the so local cheese fondue. A must-see.

Hotel Dolder Grand:

Grand and internationally renowned within the close circle of millionaires and Celebrities alike, slightly secluded on the north-eastern hillside of Zurich and overlooking the Zurichsee, this hotel needs not be further described.
Very popular with our exclusive escorts, the hotel impresses as much by its atypical architectures, almost resembling a castle straight from Dracula’s dreams. Featuring several bars and restaurants, the hotel impresses as much by its unique features and style as by the superlative prices.

Hotel Baur Au Lac:

Last but not least, an ultimate location right on the lakeside, and also very popular with our Luxury Call-Girls, enjoying a flawless reputation, featuring exceptional traditional baroque furnished rooms, fitted with multiple bars and restaurants, the 5 Starred hotel, temporary home for CEOs and celebrities-alike, even own its own wine shop. Owing to this venue’s reputation this house needs no further introduction.